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Sarah Rotter LMT

Sarah Rebecca Wikander LMT, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, &
Nutrition Coach is the owner/director of Vorona Massage Therapy and Holistic Wellness. She received her credentials from New York College of Health Professions, The Shen Dao Institute Long Island, and Body Mind Spirit Learning Alliance NJ where she studied a variety of healing techniques, Holistic Medicine, Somatic Therapy, Dance, Yoga, and Nutrition. Through her hopeful energy, she continues to envision an expanding community where health, wellness, and healing should be a part of our greater living experience. She has been working in this field for over 11 years and in 2012, Sarah was honored as Massage Therapist of the Year Award by her colleagues. When she isn't embracing the folks she cares for in the community, she is a dedicated wife and mother.      

Committed to enhancing the lives of others through wellness and spiritual encouragement.
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Community Reviews...

Debi H

5 Stars ***** Dec 2, 2013

Sarah always gears the massage to what is ailing you. She uses her vast knowledge of the human body and comes up with techniques to help you feel better. I've had a lot of massages over the years, and I have to say Sarah by far one of the best!

Andrea V

5 Stars ***** Nov 30, 2013


Sarah is the best massage therapist in the world !!!!! I have been a fan of massage benefits for years, it s difficult to find "the best" but after an extensive search- I found it.

Alan R

5 Stars ***** Oct 28, 2013

Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else

I've been going to Sarah for massage for 2+ years. I would follow her almost anywhere. Sarah is knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology as well as reflexology. She is caring, talented and professional. Simply, she's the best!!

Barbara Loring

 5 Stars ***** Oct 12, 2013

Best Massage Ever

Sarah is amazing. I have RA and Osteo and she keeps me moving and out of pain. She is a true PROFESSIONAL, a very caring person. Don't think twice about booking an appointment. You won't be sorry.

Wendy W 

5 Stars ***** Sep 29, 2013

Sarah is the best!

Sarah always knows exactly what I need and delivers it! She truly cares about her clients! Highly recommend!

Scott Brown

5 Stars ***** Sep 16, 2013

Best Massage in Northern NJ

This place came highly recommended and it did not disappoint. I had a terrible migraine and I left feeling normal for the first time in weeks. My therapist was top notch, professional and excellent at finding knots in my neck and shoulders that had been causing my problems. Verona is the best in the area. Clean, professional and worthy of the praise it receives. I highly recommend Vorona.

Doug McWilliams

5 Stars *****  Aug 3, 2013

Exceeding Expectations Always

At Vorona, you will find dedication to the healing arts that comes with constant learning on the part of Sarah. I never get a 'routine' massage but one that flexes as needs change. Weather looking for deep tissue work or just relaxation, she can adjust to that. Make the effort to try out this wonderful place.

Linda C

5 Stars *****   Aug 1, 2013

Magic hands

Sarah is the best. Her technique, personality an those magic hands can help to soothe your aches and pains. I've been going to Sarah for about 3 yrs and I do not think I will ever go any place else. Than you Sarah!


5 Stars *****   Jul 13, 2013

Awesome Massage!

This was one of the best fathers day presents ever. The massage was done perfectly! The correct pressure and technique.

Andrea Vladichak

5 Stars ***** Jul 12, 2013

Overall I highly recommend Sarah for a massage. I have been treating myself for 3 years and she is the best- so much so I followed her to the opening of her own practice! If you can explain what you need/ like, she will grant your wish.


5 Stars *****   Jul 4, 2013


As always my massage was just exactly what was needed. Sarah is just the best!!!!!! She knows her clients and ensure they get exactly what is needed each time, I love my time with Sarah

Barbara S 

5 Stars *****   Jun 11, 2013

Wife and mother

Sarah is not only one of the most amazing, talented, and giving women I know, but inherits the inner spirituality and incredible technique of knowing what the body needs. She is a true healer and I am so fortunate to experience her massages and love that surrounds her.

Jim Kwasnik

5 Stars ***** May 5, 2013

Vorona Massage

I have been using Sarah for over two years now to help relieve neck problems due to a car accident. I can say without a doubt Sarah's massage is the best I have ever experienced. Her technique and professional approach is outstanding. She takes the time to ask if you have any areas you would like her to work on. She is very focused and attentive. I find her sessions to be therapeutic and relaxing. I have and will continue to recommend Sarah to my friends and family.

Barbara J

5 Stars ***** Apr 19, 2013

Wonderful in every way

Sarah is a true gem - and she knows what she is doing! Getting regular massage therapy from her keeps my stress-related discomforts in check. I always leave refreshed and recharged after a session. Aside from being a consummate , extr emely well-trained professional, she is a warm, caring and genuinely positive person you can't help but feel great around. Highly recommended and much appreciated! 

Donna Marie Dorsey Travisano

5 Stars ***** Apr 14, 2013

Sarah, Therapist of Massage

Sarah is an exceptional therapist who takes the time to thoroughly understand what ails me emotionally and physically prior to starting my therapy. Her two hour deep tissue massage is the most relaxing massage I have ever experienced relieving me of much tension and stress. Sarah has her own style of treatment that is far superior to the many other salon's in which the technique is NOT the same as wellness care which Sarah provides. 

Michele D

5 Stars ***** April 7, 2013

Sarah, Therapist of Massage

I consider Sarah a true therapist of massage. She listens to what ails me, diagnoses the problem and addresses the main area of tension as well as referent pain areas, of which I am often not aware. Moreover, she shares her knowledge of bodily systems beyond the structural or muscular and often recommends strategies for self-help. Sarah has a warm, unique way of making a person feel validated, cared for and nurtured. She has a very positive outlook on life, which lightens the soul! 

Debbie G

5 Stars ***** Mar 25, 2013

I am a Loyal Sarah Follower!

I have been getting massages for ~10 years and have been to some really high end facilities to get them. I was always generally happy with my massgaes until I found Sarah and now... I am always disappointed when I go elsewhere! Sarah sets the bar high and once you have had a massage a good as this all other massages pale in comparison. I have migrated to 90 min massages now and 60 mins are never enough. What can I say???? Sarah is the best!


5 Stars ***** Mar 14, 2013

Great therapist

A massage is only as good as it's Therapist, Sarah knows how to find and work the soar spots! Recommend you book a minimum 90 min. session to relax & enjoy your massage. 


5 Stars ***** Mar 11, 2013

Great Massage

Sarah is a very skilled therapist and lovely person. Once you find Vorona Massage, you will come back.

Kathie D

5 Stars ***** Mar 10, 2013

Best massage ever

Sarah is the most amazing massage therapist. She cares about her client's total well-being. Her place is calming and relaxing. You leave feeling like a "new" person. Don't hesitate to try Vorona Massage, you won't regret it.

Barbara L

5 Stars ***** Mar 10, 2013


Sarah is amazing. You won't find a better massage therapist anywhere. She has a healing gift and has kept me out of pain for over a year. 

Linda C

5 Stars ***** Mar 7, 2013

Great massage and very relaxing

Sarah is really awesome. She may be little but she has hands that relax every muscle in your body. She makes the whole experience really wonderful. I hope you enjoy her as much as I did.